"Serving the Four-State-Area of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, & Nebraska"

Mobile Windshield Repair

Rock chip repair can be performed on damage up to the size of a 50 cent piece. Windshield cracks up to 14" can be repaired using our patented process.

We have been using the Ultra Bond Windshield Repair System since May 1995. We have repaired tens of thousands of windshields (rock chips & cracks up to 14") using this system and we maintain less than a half of one percent failure rate. These statistics are excellent in the windshield repair business!

What can you do to ensure the best windshield repair?

  1. Cover windshield damage as soon as possible with a patch or clear tape to keep contaminates such as bug juice, washer solvent, water repellent products, etc. out of the crack. This will aid in giving you the highest quality repair as possible but does NOT keep from further cracking.
  2. Call Clearview Windshields as soon as possible for damage repair to keep it from spreading across the glass.
  3. Keep the windshield in the shade as much as possible during summer months to avoid heat from direct sun.
  4. Keep windows open a little in hot weather so the heat will not build up inside the vehicle and put pressure on glass to make the chip spread.
  5. Avoid washing a hot windshield with cold water in the summer.
  6. Do not use the defrosters in the winter if possible because the cold outside and hot inside will cause stress on the chip and make it run.
  7. Avoid washing a cold vehicle with hot water in the winter.
  8. Avoid driving the vehicle if you continue to see movement of the damaged area.
  9. Call Clearview Windshields immediately!
About the resins we use to repair chips to give the highest quality repair possible:
  1. Clearview always uses the thickest resin possible. There are three different viscosities of resins.
  2. Factors which determine which resin to use:
  • Type of windshield damage
  • Temperature of the windshield
About the long crack repair resin repair:
  1. The repair goal is to wet the crack and seal the resin into the bottom of all crevices.
  2. There are two primer resins with different viscosities to choose from.
  3. There are four viscosities of the actual crack resins.
  4. Factors which determine which resin to use:
  • Length of windshield crack
  • Temperature of windshield
Ultrabond holds many patents for windshield repair resins. The three most important factors for long crack repair:
  1. Use more than one resin in the repair of a long crack. We can use thicker resins
    toward the outer edge where the windshield crack is wider and use thinner resins toward the point where windshield crack is narrower.
  2. Use a primer resin. The purpose of a primer is to wet the crack and get to the bottom of the cracked windshield in all crevices. This allows thicker resins to flow and adhere to the sides of the crack better.
  3. Use resin over 150Cps (thickness) in the repair of a long crack. Anyone can make a resin up to 150Cps, but not thicker than that. The theory is the thicker the resin the less shrinkage resulting in a consequently better bond.
Windshield Repair Warranty
  • We offer a five year warranty on rock chips and a one year warranty on crack repair.
  • If warranty job goes beyond original repair we will attempt a repair if possible; if damage is not repairable then we will refund cost of the repair to payer (self or insurance) or apply payment toward a windshield replacement from Clearview Windshields.
  • Any further glass damage to a repaired spot NEEDS to be reported at first visible signs or warranty will be void.