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WINDSHIELD REPAIR - What can I do to ensure the best windshield repair?

  • Cover chips as soon as possible to keep contaminates such as bug juice, washer solvent, water repellent products, etc. out of the crack to give you the highest quality repair as possible.
  • Repair damage as soon as possible to keep it from spreading across the glass.
  • Keep the windshield in the shade and/or keep windows open a little in hot weather so the heat will not build up inside the vehicle and put pressure on glass to make the chip spread.
  • Do not use the defrosters in the winter if possible because the cold outside and hot inside will cause stress on the chip and make it run.
  • Move the vehicle inside during winter while having a repair process.
  • Park the vehicle in the shade during summer months so technicians are not working on extremely hot windshields.


Ask for Original Manufacturers Equipment (OEM) glass because:

  1. It has the best fit possible.
  2. The car was built and designed for original manufactured glass.
  3. In the event of an accident (rollover or front end), the windshield is designed to be part of your safety restraint system.


  1. Make sure they understand and know how to use the adhesives that hold your windshield in place.
  2. Be confident they can give you the best and safest windshield installation possible.
  3. Ask how long your vehicle should set before it is safe to drive? Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT)


  • We assist in billing thousands of auto glass insurance claims a year!
  • We can bill some insurance companies direct.
  • We must call some insurance companies to get a claim number before work can be done.
  • You, the insured, may need to be on line with us. Some insurance companies need to hear your voice to get info such as loss date, location at time of incident, and how it happened etc.
  • You may be simply sent to your insurance agent along with your policy number in some cases.
  • We have per-approved pricing agreements with most insurance companies.
Let US help file your claim!

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