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Q. “Dr. Chip, how does the windshield protect our lives if we get into an accident?’
A. 1. Your windshield prevents you from being ejected during an accident.
    2. The passenger side air bag deploys against the windshield in an accident, using it for a backboard.
    3. The Windshield supports the roof in a rollover accident this may keep the roof from crushing you.

Q. “Dr. Chip, my windshield is only cracked. Is it still safe?”
A. A cracked windshield is not only dangerous because it obscures your vision… In a front-end collision or a rollover accident, it could easily cost you your life! A cracked windshield weakens after a few weeks of exposure. This puts you and your passenger in danger of serious injury. Don’t let your last line of defense leave you Defenseless!

Q. “Dr. Chip, I live in the country and it seems like the rocks crack my windshield every month. How do I      “STOP PAYING FOR WINDSHIELDS?”
 A. 1. By repairing the chip BEFORE it becomes a crack.
     2. For your safety, repair or replace cracked windshields as soon as possible. The best way to repair         long cracks (6” to 14”) is with Ultra Bond -the only patented long crack repair system. It’s a         reliable, long-lasting method that passes the same safety standards as a new windshield.

Q. “Dr. Chip, What are the savings from repairing rather than replacing my windshield?”
 A. 1. Repairing your windshield costs only a fraction of the replacement cost of a new one.
     2. Most Insurance companies waive deductibles for repairing your windshield.
     3. Windshields are not recyclable, so by repairing them we are conserving landfill space.

     4. A Windshield repair takes less time to do than a windshield replacement.
     5. To repair a chip costs a fraction of the energy, compared to manufacturing and delivery of a new         windshield.

Q. “Dr. Chip, Does the repair Industry have a standard?
A. Yes, it is called ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Glass Auto Glass Standard). This standard defines what is repairable and where in the windshield a repair should not be done. Doctor Chip is on the committee that wrote and now keeps updating this document.

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